Women’s Rights at Risk in Brexit Britain

Female parliamentarians, businesswomen, campaigners and others sign a letter to the Guardian highlighting the real risk of losing hard-won rights after Britain leaves the EU.  Theresa May arrives at this week’s European Council summit in Brussels. Photograph: Nicolas Lambert/EPA This week’s European summit marks a critical moment in the Brexit negotiations. Much attention has been focussed … Continue reading Women’s Rights at Risk in Brexit Britain

How Women are Organising Against ‘Sexist’ Brexit

Many of women's fundamental rights are enshrined under European law. Brexit could reverse all that. Nina Parker sends a call to arms. ShareTweet Young women were the largest demographic in 2016 to vote against Brexit. 80% voted to remain. This is our conversation too. So far, the Brexit conversation has been inundated with one particular … Continue reading How Women are Organising Against ‘Sexist’ Brexit

Sovereignty Fallacies and Brexit “Soundbites”

'TAKE BACK CONTROL...oh the irony' Brexit is a case study that turned on a particular notion of sovereignty. The notion that ending the UK’s membership to the EU would "bring back" sovereignty to Parliament and end Brussel's control over national law. This is a politically-driven fallacy. Due to the propaganda produced by unsavoury political factions, … Continue reading Sovereignty Fallacies and Brexit “Soundbites”