How Women are Organising Against ‘Sexist’ Brexit

Many of women's fundamental rights are enshrined under European law. Brexit could reverse all that. Nina Parker sends a call to arms. ShareTweet Young women were the largest demographic in 2016 to vote against Brexit. 80% voted to remain. This is our conversation too. So far, the Brexit conversation has been inundated with one particular … Continue reading How Women are Organising Against ‘Sexist’ Brexit

Sovereignty Fallacies and Brexit “Soundbites”

'TAKE BACK CONTROL...oh the irony' Brexit is a case study that turned on a particular notion of sovereignty. The notion that ending the UK’s membership to the EU would "bring back" sovereignty to Parliament and end Brussel's control over national law. This is a politically-driven fallacy. Due to the propaganda produced by unsavoury political factions, … Continue reading Sovereignty Fallacies and Brexit “Soundbites”