A woman – finally – holds the second most powerful seat in the world.

It has finally happened. The United States of America has a woman, a woman of mixed black and south asian heritage, heading up the second highest leadership position in America – and contentiously – the world. Hope has dawned. We can take a breather. We can slurp on bubbly, or perhaps we can even find the time to have a little dance with a loved one on the street, either way; there is a unanimous sigh of “thank f*** for that”.

We, the UK, as an incredibly influenced state by US affairs, have been glued to CNN watching and waiting for Pennsylvania to swing blue. And it did just that! On Wednesday afternoon, a thirty-two-year-old community organiser, Samantha Rise held up with pride a “Count Every Vote” banner. “It’s time, Philadelphia!” as a group of protestors chanted in unison: “No Trump! No K.K.K.! No fascist U.S.A.!”. Philadelphia and the citizens that lived in the city helped push Biden over the finish line from 263 to 290.

This was an election of Firsts, and it takes just one person and the thousands and millions before them to push for change. And change, we hope, is on the horizon. From battling gender and racial inequality to reigniting the US’s climate emergency commitments, Biden and Harris have a lot of potential.

If you want more analysis on the US Election through ‘The Feminist Lens’ listen to the podcast on all podcast platforms – Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google.

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