‘The Feminist Lens’ – available wherever you get your Podcasts.

Art by Anders Nim: Instagram @andersnim

The Podcast that looks at the World through an intersectional Feminist Lens. Available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen!

As America continues counting with the largest number of postal votes on record – 100 million predicted – my heart goes out to the counters, and protesters pushing to uphold the voting process. We all know one of Trump’s main campaign tactics is to ‘stop people voting’ and ‘stop the count’. Now more than ever, we need a feminist perspective. We need to speak and learn and do. As the world becomes increasingly divided, the more women and girls in education and leadership positions, the more likely it is that we will avert crisis.

Join Peris and I – the co-founders of the Women’s Rights Organisation ‘Women For Wanawake’ and a powerhouse of incredible Feminist guests to discuss the current issues of today from an intersectional Feminist perspective. Be inspired, feel empowered and live your best life!

In fact, our first guest is the incredible Dawn Butler MP for Brent! So SUBSCRIBE if you want to listen to Dawn and her journey fighting for women’s rights, racial equality and her journey as a women in a leadership position, a position of power and decision making.

Dawn Butler MP for Brent since 2015, ex Shadow Women’s Equality Minister 2017 – April 2020 and previous Chair of the Women’s Parliamentary Labour Group

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