Right-wing populism and Toxic Masculinity is on its way Out.

Right-wing populism and toxic masculinity is on its way out, and we all know before something leaves it doesn’t go quietly.

If you’re like me and you’ve become incredibly sensitive to news, covid19 updates, the US election polls, and anything on Netflix which is remotely sad, you’ve probably been avoiding Farage and Trump’s face too. However, unfortunately for us sensitive souls, their faces are everywhere. The frog and the toad. The toad and the frog. Jumping up at us from our twitter feeds. Hopping all over our papers. Both a mouldy rotten image of racism, nationalism, xenophobia and the patriarchal powers of the past. Both ‘kept alive’ through over-active social media trolls. You know the ones I mean, the people who have St Georges flag as their twitter bio, the ones who believe they are the freedom fighters for how the world was pre WWI and WWII. And the saddest part is, that these people are unknowingly unravelling their own rights, which were fought for them! To balance the power! And instead, they’re putting all their trust and hope in the hands of the high trousered, tight lipped, white and pasty capitalists – the Farages and Trumps – who pretend to be like them, while their fingers are dipped in dried up oil rigs with their riches kept off-shore. Farages and Trumps are not ‘the people’. They do not represent the masses. They represent a minority of toxic men who feel that another person’s equality encroaches on their own.

Just this week, Trump invited Farage on stage with him, introducing him as “a friend of mine, that many say is one of the most powerful men in Europe” (Lol) “Nigel Farage…common up Nigel” he says in his creepy slur “He’s very shy”. Then up pops the man himself, the frog that brought Brexit. But no, that would give him too much credit. He didn’t bring Brexit, he merely aggravated, and became a catalyst for anti-immigration, xenophobia and racism. Brexit as a by-product of that. In the rally Farage grabs the mic and – in summary – retorts that they both “hate globalism” and that they both ‘fought for the people and against the elite’. But yet we know that these two toxic men are the epitome of ‘globalism’ if we apply its ‘power definition’. The mic Farage clings onto and uses to shame China and communism was no doubt made in china. All the ‘Make America Great Again’ hats were no doubt, made in china. Farage flew to America on a plane. They both pretend to detest internationalism but yet have each married women who are not from their country and spend their time holidaying in the Caribbean.

And they both know that the patriarchy is dying and toxic masculinity is on its way out, so they’re trying their hardest to get as much attention as possible until they are no more. Stacked to the back of the history books gathering dust. Their faces will soon cease to exist, only occasionally popping up on our news feeds or social media sites like dusty, dirty old memes. Because if there is any silver lining to these two dangerous toxic men, it’s the comedy that has ensued. They are both. Absolutely. Hilarious.

Bring on 2021.

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