Women for Wanawake.

I’ve started an intersectional Women’s Rights Organisation – Women for Wanawake – with my friend and fellow social justice champion Peris Thuo. Why? Because we need more women leading and inspiring other women to do so, now more than ever before.

Wanawake means ‘Women’ in Swahili. We believe that a women’s rights organisation must be reflected internationally. Because until we are all equal, no one is.

At this very moment, women bear the brunt of caring, we are the ones globally who will feel the effects of covid19 the most. A U.N. Gender study reports that the the COVID-19 pandemic is ‘interrupting efforts’ to achieve gender equality and threatening to ‘reverse hard-won gains’ over the past decades. There are still fewer girls in education than boys today, and the education gap will worsten with this pandemic.

Tampons and sanitary products are still seen as a “luxury” and taxed accordingly…which is utter bull shit. Period poverty is global. Only 6% of CEOs are women. And there are not enough women who even get a pension. Menopause is stigmatised, many of us do not even have control of our bodies or our reproductive rights! There is a lot to be pissed off about. And a lot to fight against, and for.

When we have women’s organisations born out of crisis and patriarchal rule, we also need organisations birthed from determination, passion and the platform to support those that need help.

We have seen that women leading in times of crisis is necessary. But imagine if it was 50% and our leaders actually represented society. We wouldn’t be in crisis. Crisis would be averted.

It’s time to inspire young women, girls and men to fight for a gender equal world. A world where all women are safe and all women are listened to.

We are a space for all women, disabled women, trans women, black women, brown women, white women, non-binary people, we are a space for everyone.

Follow our journey fighting against injustice and for all on:

INSTAGRAM: @Women4Wanawake

TWITTER: @Women4Wanawake


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