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I’m writing as your constituent of (ADDRESS, POSTCODE) to ask that you condemn the actions of President Trump in America and support the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US, and here in the UK. And across the world.

George Floyd’s life mattered, Belly Mujinga’s life mattered, Mark Duggans life mattered, Dalian Atkinson’s life mattered, Stephen Lawrence’s life mattered.

We must not simply condemn racism, we must be anti-racist. And as an MP you can help protect the people in the UK from your position and ability to vote for equality.

We must also condemn the United States’ government use of brutal force against its own citizens, which risks lives, when it is our human right to protest. Therefore, we must put pressure on the UK Government to demand corporations suspend sales of teargas, riot gear and rubber bullets to the US. Lives are at risk, too many people have already died by unnecessary and illegal brute force. White privilege is not being addressed and white supremacy is a threat and black people’s lives are at risk, daily because of a bias and racist system.

And how is this pandemic linked to racism and the movement of Black lives Matter? This is a separate issue in itself.

However, whilst coronavirus does not discriminate, it operates in a world full of discrimination. Institutionalised and systemic racism here in the UK has resulted in a disproportionate number of black, asian and ethnic minority peoples dying of coronavirus. Because of racism.

I believe it is absolutely essential that pressure is put on government to take action from the report into BAME deaths from COVID-19 in the UK. AND that all the data from the report is released, as it has become known that some data has been redacted. This report must be fully released and acted upon to ensure that the Government knows how to address the inequalities, fight racism and ipso facto save lives.

Black Lives Matter.

Your constituent.

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