Ending Freedoms and Taking Futures.

The End. No, seriously, that’s exactly it, all this Immigration Bill does is ‘end’, ‘remove’, ‘destroy’, ‘take’ – without giving anything back in return. It doesn’t even map out what this so-called “points-based immigration system” will entail. We get nothing from it. Future migrants get nothing from it. This country’s GDP doesn’t benefit from it. And our children’s children will look back at it and think, ‘what the f were they thinking…’

Priti Patel, Home Sec, and essentially the grim reaper, and spokesperson carrying out the Government’s anti-migration deeds, has been vehemently tweeting utter bull**** (nothing new) about how “we’re finally ending” – notice how ending is underlined just so to be absolutely clear that this Bill ends all freedom of movement” but not to worry folks! People can still come here if they are like really skilful and get paid a minimum of 30,000 a year. Goodbye artists, nurses, students, even researchers, teachers, all the infinitely skilled industries that are sidelined by this Government. What the Government’s campaign really says is:

“we’re ending your rights so people can come here based on their privilege”

Or even better put by David Allen Green

We know full well the men in neatly cut suits who input numbers into spreadsheets and get paid 100,00 a year for it (basically very well paid administrators), their freedom of movement will never end, but the people who’s work keeps this country functioning, yes, they – under this proposed immigration bill – are not fit to Priti’s standards.

And when you factor in Coronavirus! This Immigration Bill not only ends freedom of movement, it calls our nurses, carers and everyone who has been saving our lives over the last few months “unskilled”.

To add further to this Bill’s sheer disregard of human rights, and of empathy, and of simple common sense, it almost left out an absolutely vital bereavement scheme, which legally ensures that all family members of a deceased NHS worker or carer, who has died as a result of coronavirus, are able to stay in the UK.

They were going to leave this out. Even Piers Morgan called out the Home Office for this abhorrent violation of humanity. When Piers Morgan looks good compared to the Government, we know we’ve got a problem.

The real hero behind this is not Labour, or Piers Morgan, it is in fact Hassan Akkad. The man behind the viral impassioned message to Boris Johnson, shared by milions. Hassan, a migrant, a refugee, stepped up to help his local hospital and before that won a bafta, and before that fled Syria. It just goes to show how one person can truly make a difference, and how lucky we are to have a very competent Leader of the Opposition with an eagle eye for detail, ability to recount information with acute precision, and great hair.

This Bill, voted in by an unequal Parliament, will end futures that could have been. Projects, families, charities, businesses, inventions! Friendships that could have been. It stunts innovation, it curtails human rights, and its protectionist tone is akin to that of Trump’s America.

As someone who has benefitted from freedom of movement, it makes me so angry that this government is limiting the futures of generations to come. We can only hope that more people like Hassan will continue to hold this Government and their regressive policies to account. And not simply accept a vote won by a Government that is completely out of touch from reality, and from the future of this country.

We want freedom of movement, we want migration, we want multiculturalism, we are diverse, we are all different and until 2016 thats where we were heading, we must get back there, or rather, go forward towards a state which fights for equality of all peoples, and doesn’t quantify skill by the amount of 0s you have on your payslip.

Scrap the Immigration Bill. It’s not fit for us and it’s not fit for our future friends and families.

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