A bit about me

My name is Nina de Ayala Parker. I am an Intersectional feminist, women’s rights advocate, writer and campaign strategist.

Advocating for women’s rights in every campaign I join, lead or support.

This blog includes a series of published work from analysis on Brexit, to Coronavirus – arguing that peace can only ever be achieved by intersectional feminism and with that inevitable state – an abundance of power for all citizens, people no matter what race, gender, sex or religion.

For the last four years I have campaigned to deliver the feminist case against Brexit. Graduating in 2017 with a European Law degree, I quickly set fourth on my mission to hold the Tory/DUP coalition to account on their abhorrent human rights record through a series of grass roots and Westminster-targeted initiatives. As a human rights activist, I believe human rights have for too long been second to business interests, and that it is high time we fought back, and not let an unrepresentative Government decide our futures. I believe it is Labour who can best deliver and apply relevant policy to combat the biggest issues of our time. As you’ve probably guessed, I am Labour party member and activist.

My frustration (and anger) towards the conservative Government’s utter incompetency began with the trebbling of tuition fees and broken Liberal Democrat promises in 2010. This frustration heightened by “Mr” David Cameron’s decision to absorb UKIP voters by putting an EU referendum on his manifesto in 2015. Dominic Cumming’s vicious and deceitful campaign which scapegoated migrants, and the constant political fallacies and misuse of the term ‘sovereignty’ and slogan/soundbites ‘tale back control’ in the lead up to the EU referendum.

Anyway, so what form exactly did these ‘Westminster-targetted initiatives’ take? Well, one such initiative took the form of an Open letter entitled ‘Brexit: a risk to Women’s Right’s’. I commissioned and co-wrote the letter with two incredible women: state school activist Fiona Miller and leading human rights QC, Jessica Simor. Our letter gained a lot of support. After a persuasive pitch to the Guardian, it was finally published in June 2018. Signatories included: cross-party female parliamentarians, businesswomen, campaigners and other leading women in their industry. For example, Gina Miller, business women, transparency campaigner, Nicola Horlick, investment fund manager, writer and women’s rights activist Caroline Criado Perez and young creatives and activists from the Pink Protest movement: Grace Campbell and Scarlett Curtis. The letter highlighted the real risk of losing hard-won rights due to the unravelling of EU laws which protect women, from UK law. The beauty of this letter is that it was signed by ethically conscious business women who agree that for too long human rights have been second to the interests of the few.

On the 4th of September 2018 the day MPs returned from recess, Rupa Huq (Labour MP) and I lodged, to date, the only debate on women’s rights and Brexit in Westminster Hall, titled ‘Women’s Rights: Leaving the EU’. Our main objective was to hold the Government to account vicariously through the Women’s Equality Minister (WEP). We succeeded. The questions posed by the opposition were danced around by the WEP, who’s only rebuttal lay in her closing statement ‘this is a Government run by a woman for women’. Evidently, not. As Theresa May, allowing Brexit to happen would never lead a Government for women. The full debate is available on Hansard.

Working with Gina Miller as a research assistant and Equalities campaigner at ‘end the chaos’, I have created content for ‘rights’. The challenge here was to disseminate legal information and human rights laws, into a clear, short and concise format. Similar to tasks in Brussels, where I worked for the East of England European Partnership. I summarised and simplified European Court of Justice judgments and write short newsletters to partners.

As a GMB and longstanding Labour Party Member, I cofounded the group ‘Young Labour for a Final Say’. We are the official national grassroots movement of Young Labour members who support the public getting a Final Say/PV on the Brexit Deal. We began on social media, where young Labour members linked up from across the country and across the party on the unifying belief that the public must have a final say on Brexit.

Further initiatives include two strategically placed events – still Westminister-targetted and grass rootsy ;).

Tessa Milligan and I set up the first ever Women Against brexit rally outside Europe House in May 2018, which hosted speakers such as Tulip Siddiq MP, Jessica Simor QC, comedian Danny Gruffman and young women’s rights activists: Grace Campbell, Katie Breeds, Lara Spirit and more. The central message of the event was the ‘80% stat’, which I had recently come across when searching for a breakdown in the referendum result demographics – for my campaign group Our Future; Our Choice. The fact that 80% of women aged 18-24 voted to remain in the EU – by far the largest remain demographic – I felt it only made sense to amplify this, and get more young women on board to have a say in their futures. Because it was and still is clear to me that young women must have more opportunity to speak and have their say on Brexit.

The second event took place in the House of Commons – strategically scheduled for the evening before MPs were set to vote on the Withdrawal Bill amendments – titled ‘Rights at Risk in Brexit Britain’. I co-organised this event with Rupa Huq MP, attended by female MPs. For example, Caroline Lucas and Dawn Butler both asked key questions about ‘rights’, and specifically ‘the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights’ (The Charter). Again, the central message focused on women’s rights and dilution thereof, that is if The Charter was to be repealed, and not form part of the retained EU law in the Withdrawal Bill. The next day, MPs voted against retaining the Charter by 311 votes to 301. The Government, with a majority of just 10, voted to dilute human rights that day.

And so, the mission carries on. The fight for women’s rights, is ever pressing and is given fuel every time the movement is pulled back, we push back harder. With the rise in nationalism and far-right propaganda by mainstream media, intersectional feminist principles have never been so important.

This blog includes a series of published work from analysis on Brexit, to Coronavirus – arguing that peace can only ever be achieved by feminism and with that inevitable state – an abundance of power for all citizens, people no matter what race, gender, sex or religion.

To mend the divides in society by fighting to enhance women and minority group’s rights that have been marginalised by UK Governments present and past.

Campaigns I have worked with/for: OFOC, Peoples Vote, Best for Britain, Women For Europe, Young Labour for a Final Say, End the Chaos, WaterAid.

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